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Fiorella Martin

Cells Rejuvenation Specialist

After 15 years of being a Humanistic and Energy Psychology practitioner working with clients in private practice on relationship issues, positive brain training and self esteem, I had a desire to do even more to help people improve the quality of their lives.  I knew that my NLP and coaching skills were making great and permanent changes in people’s lives.  I became aware that people had busy lives and more importantly I felt that there must be faster and more immediate ways than what was taking several weeks and months to get results, I wanted my clients to be set free much faster, my intuition, curiosity and always seeking a solution led me to the discovery of Rapid Transformational Therapy, Biology of Belief and Epigenetics. 

Over the years, I often found myself upset and very frustrated with life’s challenges. I sought out hypnotherapy to help release me from anxiety and stress, break my debilitating fear of putting myself out there on social media and even overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  After hypnotherapy, I became more comfortable in myself, more confident, and even someone who felt, no need to be “perfect” anymore. Without these changes I don’t think I could have coped with the stresses that came, and still do with the pain of losing loved ones. In the last 5 years I passed the 55 year mark this suddenly made me very aware of how our culture limits available possibilities for women over 55.  Single Women, Divorced, Intelligent, Empty nest syndrome, to mention just a few things, who are being pushed to the outer limits of life experienced due to our youth obsessed culture.  With many women opting for Plastic Surgery to get back into the Game of Life.

Having discovered an alternative solution I am here to tell you, we all have the power within us, to change, look and feel younger.  Now I feel really passionate about helping people Change their internal programming change thoughts and Cells Rejuvenation to get back ageless looks, look and feel younger and live the life they deserve; one with better  health, better relationships, more confidence and more success.

Fiorella Martin

Cells Rejuvenation Specialist. Rapid Transformational Therapist. Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy in Cell Command Therapy Rapid Transformation Therapist Adv.RTT, CCHyp, C.Hyp, CPPD, MPMH, C.RTT, NLP Practioner. Member National Council of Psychotherapists. 

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