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The future is here, Cells Command Rejuvenation Mind Therapy gives you back your agelessness. 

Rejuvenation Mind Therapy while you Relax.

Epigenetics + Rapid Transformation Therapy = Cell Command Rejuvenation Therapy

Cell Command Therapy (CCT) technique is one of the key modules when working with Rapid Transformation Therapy (See definition below of RTT).

What is it?

CCT is based on the concept that ideas and suggestions in the mind can affect your body and emotional state. New exciting scientific research into epigenetics by Bruce Lipton looks at how our genes and DNA are influenced by our thoughts, emotions, diet and other environmental factors. This cutting-edge information takes a fresh look at our cellular biology and that the DNA and internal coding of the cells contain all the necessary blueprints to restore and repair. So, while we cannot readily change the codes of our genetic blueprints, we can change our minds and in the process, switch the blueprints used to express genetic potential.

What can it be used for?

CCT can be used for any kind of illness or injury either physical, mental or emotional, take the amazing story of a young British physician in 1952 Dr Albert Mason who treated a young boy’s warts which covered his skin and looked more like the skin of an elephant except for his chest. By using ‘only’ the power of the mind using hypnosis Mason and the boy worked together to heal the skin back to the same healthy pink skin he had on his chest.

 How does it work for Rejuvenation to look and feel younger?

Have you ever looked at photos of yourself when you were in love, in a new relationship or very happy and compared them with photos even at a younger age and you looked older?

Because your body and face a representation of what your mind is thinking and feeling and the hormones and chemicals of those feelings communicate with your body and change it at the cellular level.

 Programming happens in a state of Hypnosis

Your Cells are always listening to your Thoughts and feelings.  If you are having stress, upsets, or fear of Aging that your options have run out, then your body will respond with Aging. 

Rapid Transformation Therapy is a formula of direct commanding positive hypnotic suggestion, this allows the body to take commands from suggestions to the mind in a Theta state of Relaxation.

Re-programming the cells to their original perfect state, to reconstruct Telomers and lengthen them, to change the level and quality of Stem cells and oxygenation in the blood, to increase Collagen in the skin.  This Therapy is aimed at a whole body Rejuvenation without the expense and invasiveness of Plastic Surgery.  We create powerful cellular regeneration at the subconscious level therefore allowing rejuvenation to take place through the mind – body connection

Why Telomeres are important to turn back the clock!

As you may remember from biology class, we have 23 pairs of chromosomes, which determine everything from our gender to our hair and eye color. Each is capped by a protective bundle of DNA called a telomere. Telomeres buffer our genetic material from damage as our cells divide and replicate. But as we age, our telomeres slowly grow shorter.

Short telomeres accelerate age-related disease and hinder regenerative medicine

Telomeres are repetitive DNA sequences that protect the ends of chromosomes but shorten over time due to oxidative damage and incomplete DNA replication. When telomeres become too short, the DNA end is exposed, causing cells to die, senesce, or become cancerous. Short telomeres limit regenerative capacity of cells for cell therapies, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine and accelerate age-related diseases and conditions.

Here’s the amazing thing: We now know that Epigenetics proves you can change your DNA. We also now know you can change your telomere length. And that’s the key to turning back the clock.

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